A Jackson County Certificate of Compliance is required of all businesses and individuals wishing to do business with the County.

The Certificate of Compliance certifies the applicant has met the following requirements:

  • Is not delinquent or otherwise owe any taxes to Jackson County, Missouri
  • Attests and agrees to Chapter 6 of the Jackson County Code which prohibits discriminatory employment practices and promotes equal employment opportunity by contractors doing business with Jackson County.

How to obtain a Certificate of Compliance:

  • Click below to register a username and password with the CRO Portal
  • Fill out the application
  • Click “Submit”

Additional Information

  • The application must be submitted to the Compliance Review Office a minimum of five  business days in advance of any other Jackson County deadline (bid response deadline, Agency funding application deadline, etc.) in order to guarantee the issuance of a certificate in advance of that deadline.
  • It is incumbent upon the vendor to provide the completed application and to obtain the Certificate of Compliance as required.
  • Returning users can renew their certificate by using their existing username and password.

Any questions regarding the Certificate of Compliance refer to our FAQ page.