What does the Certificate of Compliance mean?

What does the Certificate of Compliance mean? The Certificate of Compliance means that you are legally certified to do business with Jackson County until January 31st of the following year. Submit the certificate with your bid packet, agency application, or quotation to have your proposal approved.

How is this Certificate of Compliance different?

Instead of requiring specific workforce diversity numbers and a separate Affirmative Action or Equal Opportunity Employment Policy, the new application pulls these two processes together, only one form is needed! Additionally, the workforce numbers requested are representational of your organization's overall size and is based on self-reported numbers. Finally, if your organization's location is within Jackson County limits, your Jackson County tax status will be verified.

I submitted my application, now what?

You will receive an e-mail response from the Compliance Review Office. If an item is missing on the application, or if you owe Jackson County taxes, you will receive a Letter of Deficiency with instructions on what is needed. If your application is approved and you owe no taxes, you will receive a Certificate of Compliance.

Who is required to apply for a Certificate of Compliance?

Any organization or individual wishing to receive funds from Jackson County must have a current Certificate of Compliance. This includes, but is not limited to: contracts awarded to Agencies, vendors bidding on Jackson County solicitations, vendors of sole source products and products bid by other governmental entities. Exceptions to the Certificate of Compliance requirement include vendors who receive less than $5000 in payments from Jackson County in the fiscal year and purchases made under a declaration of emergency.

How long is a Certificate of Compliance valid?

The certificate is valid until January 31st following the next tax cycle.


Exceptions to the requirement for a Certificate of Compliance:

  • Purchases authorized under 1030.5 of the Jackson County Code (under $5000)
  • Purchases made under an Emergency Declaration (1030.3)
  • Purchases from another Government (1030.2)